Can't send BNB from Brave to Binance (BEP20)

Impossible to send BNB (on BEP20) from Brave Wallet to Binance Wallet.

@Glooby-one What is your OS and Brave version? Can you try this from Brave wallet in desktop? Clearing “nonce” in Settings > Wallet > Clear Nonce may work but try it after testing in desktop.

Also the amount you are trying to send is not more than balance in your address, right? It’s different UI and language for me.

I’m in IOS bit it is the same on MacOS and the version of BRAVE is the last. No, the amount is not the max.

The error message is : « we can’t send for the moment »

Hey Glooby-one,

Based on the error message below the send address field (“L’adresse ne peut pas être vérifiée (checksum manquant). Continuer?” / “This address cannot be verified (missing checksum). Proceed?”) it looks like the address you are trying to send to isn’t passing our checksum verification. Do you see this same error when trying to send to this address on desktop as well? There could be a typo in the address, do you mind verifying this address while we look into this issue?


Hello !

It’s the same error when i try to send to a other Brave Wallet for example…

And i tried from a PC too…

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I can send with ETH Chain but not with BSC. And it ask me for ETH Adress when i send with BSC (picture)…

Got the same problem as you, @Glooby-one.

But not only to Binance, I also can’t send any BNB anymore out of my wallet, not even to another Brave Wallet.
No error message, on Mobile and Desktop.

Any idea ?

Hi @Glooby-one @Lahoussaye

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It was indeed a bug. We have just pushed a fix. It will be landing in version 1.41 of our browser which is our next release which is scheduled to come out today.

You can follow our release schedule here



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