Dear admin brave wallet

help me i send bnb from metamask to brave wallet but can not showing why ? the bscscan is succes

please help me sir…Thanks before

Have you restarted brave? What OS are you on?
What is your Brave version?

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thanks for attention sir

i was try to restart browser sir
windows 10 64bit sir
brave version

Pada tanggal Kam, 27 Apr 2023 pukul 10.29 Aaditya Pendse via Brave Community <> menulis:

mean restarted sir ?..i think restart browser ? if mean restored brave wallet…i was’nt sir

iam was to try restored wallet brave sir …but nothing happen

@heri57 please don’t respond to the post or open link posted by @Christopher1 it’s a scam. Thanks.

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Okay. I’ll tag @onyb @hub to have a look.

okay sir…iam waiting for solution

Hello everyone. Please I transfer BUSD on Polygon Mainnet Network from Binance to my Brave Wallet and it is completed and successful on Binance but my balance on Brave is still $0.00.
Please I need assistance.

Up…me too need solution

Hi @hub

I checked with my wallet address, and the details of the transaction appear on ERC-20 Token Txns tab as you can see on the screen shot. Hope that’s Ok.

Thank you.

Ok, here is the screenshot of my wallet and the address

It looks like Binance used a different BUSD token for the withdrawal.

Default BUSD in Brave Wallet:

BUSD that you (and probably @heri57 too) have:

Just add this other BUSD (screenshot below) and you should be fine.

Don’t forget to add binance-usd as the Coingecko ID (under Advanced) for accurate prices.

On our end, we’ll add this BUSD to the default tokens list on Polygon, so others don’t have the same issue.

Yes, that works. However, I cannot do anything with it. Even the swap feature is disabled, and it says ‘insufficient MATIC balance.’ Does this mean that I must also have Matic in my wallet?

Thank you

Glad it works now.

For “insufficient MATIC balance” error, see answer by @batbatbatbat. You need MATIC (native currency of Polygon) to pay for transaction fees. If you’re trying to do a swap, 0.1 MATIC should be sufficient.

@hub @onyb @batbatbatbat Thanks a lot for your help, it means a lot!


Just pushed an update to our tokens list - you now have two BUSD tokens on Polygon:

  • BUSD issued by Binance
  • BUSD issued by Paxos

See my answer on another post about the same issue: I have deposited money to my brave wallet a have not received it - #6 by onyb


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