Can’t hit send, address not verified

Hi Bravers, total Newbie here.

Excuse bad phrasing, no idea what is technically going on.

I successfully sent Eth from Binance via Optimism to Brave Wallet.

Now, as a test, I want to send it
back. But can’t figure out how.

I scanned Binance QR code for receiving Eth via Optimism, but the Brave interface gave a red error warning:

‘This address cannot be verified (missing checksum). Proceed?’

The Send button appears grey and does not respond to my touch.

What to do?

Fark I got scammed here! The first replier sent me a scam link to support.brave0 but I didn’t realise it was a PM, not public.

Any clues why the Brave Wallet would not accept the address offered by Binance for Eth via Optimism?

Sadly I didn’t take screenshots. I was using an old iPad with up to date software.

From memory, I hit the transact button at the bottom of the Brave wallet window, selected 100% of the available Eth in optimism, selected send via optimism, and as prompted scanned the QR that Binance gave for Eth via Optimism. That’s when the Red error message appeared.

Excuse my phrasing if it doesn’t make sense, I don’t understand the mechanisms.

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