The “Create PDF” option isn’t working

Hello! The “Create PDF” option in my Brave Browser isn’t working, can you just fix the bug? If I click it! it’s supposed to download the Page, but now it isn’t working and whenever I click it! The app goes white and direct me on the homescreen of my gadget.

I am using Brave iOS 1.28 ( on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 14.6

For your topic (‘The “Create PDF” option isn’t working’), I selected the “Create PDF” option in the Brave iOS browser menu.

A multi-choice window is then displayed by Brave iOS, as follows:

I elected to Save to Files; and I succeeded in saving the PDF file to the Brave > Downloads folder.

In order to confirm that a reliable PDF file had been created, I opened it - by tapping on its icon in the Downloads folder, and, I next (thru a series of steps) copied the PDF file to my Mac computer, where the PDF file also opened (using successfully.

My suggestion would be, that you edit your original post, to add more details about:

  • the version of Brave iOS browser that you are using

  • your “gadget” (Apple device specific model)

  • try to be more specific about the steps that you have taken

That may get a response (sooner, rather than later) from Brave Support people.

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