Can't "remove this device" to start new chain

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Description of the issue:

I can’t seem to stop sync or create new sync chain, the device lists shows blank for other sync device and my current device, I try click on “remove this device” and no response.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 8 Pro Android 10

Additional Information:

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Hello check this one Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1

hope that help and have a nice day

It doesn’t. That post only covers the desktop aspect.
I’d also like to know how to solve the mobile thing.

this post is old now cause they released sync v2 yesterday on desktop and for removing device from chain they add a feature request to be released in the future check this one

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they released also for android

so check your play store

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That’s good to know even ofc sad cause can’t do it today unless the update rolls in later today :stuck_out_tongue: Time is now 10:48 here in +3 timezone so maybe it will. 15mins ago I tried to remove device to make new Sync Chain & nothing happens when click ‘remove this device’ so yeah have to wait for new ver. to come available. I be syncing my Huawei 3GB Tablet & Honor 10 4GB Phone with Desktop Rig. Both mobile devices have disappeared from Sync chain list that’s shown in Honor 10’s screen when going to sync settings. Or they didn’t disappear, but no text next to the screen icon & no X on right side. Tablet has them, but ‘remove this device not working’.

Guess it’s because Sync feature was removed from Brave earlier this year & now it came back which is great. I just wish that some day Android Tech crew would give us option to remove ‘Mobile Bookmarks’ Folder completely so we’d have cleaner Bookmarks area on Mobile Devices. That is after synced them from Desktop or Laptop for example :slight_smile:
Mobile Devices Brave Versions on this moment:
Huawei Honor 10: Brave 1.11.105 Chromium 84.0.4147.105
Huawei Tablet: Same ^^

Good weekend o/ Kindly: Fedaygin

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