Can't remove ad popup

I am okay with receiving the Brave ads. When they appear (on my Linux box), the ad popup appears in the upper right-hand corner of my screen. I have two problems with this popup:

  1. It appears on top of my top panel interfering with my system operation. If it were half an inch lower, it would be fine.

  2. When the popup appears, I have no way of getting rid of it. If I click on it, it brings up a browser window to the vendor. That’s fine - sometimes. Other times I’m in the middle of something and just want to get rid of the popup. It needs an X so that I can just close the popup without going to the vendor’s website.

Due to the above issues, I have disabled ads.


Blake McBride

Here is an idea to fix the first problem in a very general way. Allow the ad popup to be dragged to a different position on the screen. Once dragged, remember the position for future ad popups.

Hey blake1024,

This feature will be available for all users some time down the line, but at the moment, we’re testing the functionality of it.

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Thanks. Love the browser. Looking forward to being able to help with your success.

This would be a great new feature, I miss in the past when ads would show on the bottom right corner as opposed to top right, although, I am not sure if this is operator system related or not. Also if customizing the ad pop up screen such as color would be great too! Once again, it used to be black and it was easier to see, now for me it is a greyish white.

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