New Place where Brave Ad shows up: Strongly dislike placing and design, want the old one back

Brave Ads on Windows Desktop used to neatly show up in the lower right corner of the screen, not unlike a Windows system message. I liked that.
For a few hours now, placement and design of the ad pop-up seem to have permanently changed to “somewhere” in the right upper corner of the screen. The design now reminds me of the kind of pop-up that I used to get on low-quality websites that are flooding people with ad pop-ups, and which I want to avoid by using Brave. MORE IMPORTANT: It feels like I now have a larger distance to move with my mouse to click the pop-up to make it disappear. Also, I tend to perceive the contents of the window better when in the lower right corner. All in all, after the design change, the ads now feel annoying. They hardly did before.

Please, please, I want the old design back. At least make it an option to have it that way. Else, I will turn off the pop-up ads completely (actually, already have).