Cant receive tips just because im in an unsupported region -_-

I don’t want to verify with uphold either. I will verify kyc on a later date. Uphold is infested with fraudsters and they succeed into deluding people.
When I used to tip myself these miniscule amounts of BAT, it worked pretty well, until 3 months-ish ago when it stopped.

Edit: When I joined rewards they told me its not directly against the rules. They said it’s risky and the bot would think im suspicious.

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It’s against terms and conditions. They now have same supported regions for rewards and Creators,all thanks to people like you.


So you should also prohibit tipping your friends or family members how can you be so sure it is a different person that is sending you a tip?

Since tipping your friends or family is not directly self tipping, I suppose that it’s not exactly against terms and conditions.

@SaltyBanana @steeven @Mattches
Please provide more info, thanks!

Self-tipping your own channels is not allowed and would have gotten your account flagged anyway. It’s not that you “can’t receive tips”, its that you cannot tip yourself — these are two completely different issues.

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