Can't reattach tab when using "slim" vertical tabs

Windows 11, Brave 1.57.62, Chromium 116.0.5845.180

I like to use vertical tabs in a slim fashion (i.e. no tab names, just icons). While I can detach a tab when browsing this way, I cannot put it back. Whenever I try, the dragged tab becomes buggy, displaying a blank page and the dragging starts to stutter. I can only reattach a tab if the tabs are expanded.

This is meant to be a bug report. Is this the correct place or should I open a new issue on GitHub?

I would definitely report this bug on github; they make it easy to do by the way. I think here is more for discussion and ideas on the many issues that can be thought up, butt I am new and prone to error ;3. I would also search to see if anyone has already found a solution; both here and there.

I recently had a crashing issue caused by the Scrollable Tabs flag, perhaps this is related? It would crash every time I tried to detach a tab from the tab bar. Do you have this turned on? I am on Windows 10, but I know I had some fullscreen window control issues also, maybe Windows 11 themes are interferring. Does this happen fullscreen and while floating the window freely?

It sounds annoying, regardless, and I hope you are able to find a solution you are happy with. :smiley_cat: :wave:

Thanks. I’ve just open an issue there (#38932).

I don’t use scrollable tabs. I’ve also reproduced my issue on a Windows 10 machine, so I don’t think it’s related to specific features on Windows 11.

Yes. But the detached tab doesn’t stutter when the main window is fullscreen. By the way, I didn’t know that the fullscreen mode would still show the tabs. Thanks for letting me know!

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I hope you find the cause and squish it. :smiley_cat: :pinching_hand: :notes:

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For anyone having this problem, there is a way to reattach the tab if you drop it on top, as the first tab (see this video).

The devs have already recognized this is not ideal and a better experience is in the backlog.

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