Monitor Switching Issues

Moving a tab from vertical tabs(with them collapsed) to another monitor can be a bit glitchy, especially if I am switching it to a vertical monitor with the vertical tab space on the border between monitors. The tab being moved never wants to go into the collapsed tabs space on the vertical monitor, it just bounces back and forth between being its own window and half opening the tab space.

Install Nightly and use it there, the issue might have been fixed in Nightly. The problem is Stable will get updates way after Nightly, sometimes weeks or months, so using VT in Nightly would be better option until all the issues get resolved. I use multiple windows and don’t have problems with moving tabs.
There was a time where it was way worst, but it could also depend on your system.

Do you mean, you detach tabs and move them to another window in your other monitor(s) or you detach the tab to create a new window in your other monitor(s), because either way works fine for me, and my monitors are different resolution and size and all.

They have been fixing some small quirks about VT, they even added an animation to the collapsing and expanding of the strip, resize of the VT strip, then fix the small issues about it, sticky pinned tabs, so when you scroll they stay on top… well, they have been improving it slowly and the experience is way better in Nightly than Stable for sure.
So if it is fine in Nightly, it will come eventually to Stable, so the best thing to do is to test if Nightly has or not the issue to report it accordingly in Github.