Can't play video properly in normal tab

I use brave beta and don’t know what is the problem with it. When I play youtube or any other video in normal tab it just starts to buffer after few seconds and also the video quality drops down to 480p or less. But when I play the same video in private tab then it just plays perfectly fine even in 4k, doesn’t even seems to buffer even though I play it in 2x speed it just plays smoothly.

And also even though I set brave beta to default browser, whenever I close it, it always ask if I want it to be default don’t know why.

This is usually a big sign that you’re using an extension that is causing your problem.

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ok, so what about the default browser setting?
it happens in both normal and beta version of browser

@itsGlitch do you mean that you are not using extensions on either browser?

I removed the extension now the video playback seems to be working fine. But every time i exit the browser it asks to be the default even though I set it to default everytime. I tried launching it as administrator but didn’t work. I tried setting it to default from the windows setting to but not working. But if i set any other to default except brave, it will be default permanently.

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