Cant play any video except Youtube

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cant play any video except Youtube:

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.cant play any video on any website,only show the cache circle again and again. HUAWEI series Phone without GMS(because of the USA law),occur maybe after April 2023
2.its no relation with the recent brave version,it occurs a long period

Expected result:
can show YouTube video

Brave Version( check About Brave):
maybe the version after April 2023,now the latest version with chromium115 has the problem

Mobile Device details
honor 30pro, EBG-AN00 ,system version called HarmonyOS 3,actually a system baesd on Android 12(show in Brave)

Additional info:
i know that im the Minorities phone user but im a long time user of Brave,and hope to get support.

Thanks for reaching out.
Yes I’m not super sure how much we can do with you given the type of device you’re using but I’ll ask our Android team if they have any suggestions. Until then, can you tell me if you are able to see video content

  • When Brave’s Shields are toggled “off”?
  • In other browsers like Chrome?

Thank you

thanks for your reply.

  1. It’s not the issue of ad block, I changed every item in it before,didn’t solve it .
  2. I said that my phone can’t install Google mobile service (GMS),I can’t use chrome ,but I install the latest yandex browser based on chromium ,it occurs the same problem .
  3. I install a Chinese small browser called via browser (it use native phone system webview framework ),it can play means native open webview without Google is normal.
  4. I install Firefox ,it can play videos.
  5. So the answer maybe that the new chromium plays videos using GMS(because of the desktop brave can play videos ) on Android .
    Above all , maybe the "don’t evil "Google put something in new chromium ,the GMS ban is wired in software develop ,I’m just a user …
    Maybe it’s the time to go back to Firefox .
    It’s too late in my place ,I can’t reply to you immediately ,thanks for your reply again and hope the open source is real open…
  1. i solve it by myself…
    just disable the flag “Android imagereader”,but don’t know the reason…Maybe you could tell me the reason.
  2. by the way ,i even could enter your brave browser flags setting page by “chrome://flags”…
  3. About the browser function, could you guys just develop it without GMS?such as safely surf function,scan sync code…
    sorry to bother you

If you can not install chrome.

Try with, Opera/OperaGX or Edge. They are both chromium based.

thanks,i have solve it by disabling the “Android ImageReader” flag(doing this out of searching the word“player” to solve player problem) but dont know the reason.

I can’t tell you the exact reason that that particular flag was causing the issue. But anything hidden behind those flags is typically experimental and not fully tested, so weird/unexpected behavior when enabling them is not uncommon.

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