Videos not playing in Brave Android

Videos just buffer and will not play on my Android 9 boxes.

This happens with shields up or down.

Have tried with latest Brave version from Google store and beta version.

Videos are OK using Chrome.

I see that this problem has been raised on previous occasions but there doesn’t seem to be any answer.

Does clearing cookies and history help?

Also, im not sure. But I would suggest trying in private window as well…

Thanks, Aditya. I tried these solutions but without success.

So is that just for background play or even playing when app is open ?

Thanks, I have tried both.

could you try clearing Cache ?

Also this happens on all websites or some specific one like YouTube / facebook ?

@Mattches Could you please have a look ?

Can you please be a bit more specific about what videos aren’t working? Is this any/all videos? What specific websites have you tested this behavior on?

I’m sorry about the delay in replying.

Just as an example, the web-cam videos in this webpage work in Windows Brave and in Android Chrome but not in Android Brave.

I-Rovers Live Cam’s - Check out the LIVE FEED from the Darts Cam!


I-Rovers Live Cam’s - Check out the LIVE FEED from the Darts Cam!

I-Rovers Live Cam’s are great fun! Check out the LIVE FEED with our Darts Cam. You can also watch 2 of the camer…


Thanks for your help.

Can you please tell me what your exact Android device you’re using and OS version when you’re seeing this issue? Brave version would be helpful as well.

Thank you


The device is a Minix Neo U22-XJ running Android 9.

The Brave version is 1.47.175.

Another example of a video which will play Chrome but not Brave:

Ros Atkins on… Brexit and the clash over EU laws


## Ros Atkins on… Brexit and the clash over EU laws

The BBC’s Analysis editor takes a look at the government’s plan to scrap thousands of EU-era laws.


This is not a new problem and has existed on several versions of Brave. I’m wondering whether it is a Permissions problem although I also tried it on a clean install of Brave Beta without result.

Thanks for all the help.

I’m more inclined to think that it is the device you’re using that may be the cause. Did you download/install Brave via the Google play store? Can you also tell me if other video content does work — youtube for example, works when played in Brave?

Yes I am also inclined to believe that it is an Android 9 problem.

I did download Brave from the Google store

Most YouTube videos play OK under Android Brave.

I will continue to use Brave but will revert to Chrome or Edge for viewing certain sites.

Thank you to everyone for your help.

I specifically meant the device type — Android 9 shouldn’t be the issue. That said I’m going to see if I can have someone on the Android team an w/Android 9 device test and see if they can reproduce this to rule it out.

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