Can't open private window from taskbar anymore

Previously, with Brave closed, I could right click the Brave icon in taskbar and click “New private window” to open a private window. This no longer works. When I do that, nothing happens. Is there a fix?

Windows 10
Brave v1.42.97

Do you use ‘CCleaner’ by any chance? Some searching turns up a suspicious confluence of users of that tool, and this issue.

Outside of that, here are some links that might help. YMMV.

If I were in your position, I would try the following:

  • Remove the pinned browser icon on your Taskbar
  • Disable the ‘Show recently opened items in Jump Lists…’ Windows setting
  • Re-pin Brave to your Taskbar
  • Re-enable the Jump Lists setting
  • Use Brave for a day or so and see if the other ‘Tasks’ in the right-click menu come back

Yes, I do use CCleaner. I tried Google to see if I could find what you did, but couldn’t get the results you mention.Can you give me a link? I have a friend that told me that he has no right click at all on the Brave icon in the taskbar. Pretty sure he has CCleaner too. Can you give me a link?

Note that I used ‘Chrome’ as one of the search terms, on the assumption that this issue likely comes from Chromium, and the largest impacted user base (and therefore the largest number of complainants) would be people trying to solve the issue on Chrome.

Thanks for clarifying, Jim! Not having any issues with Chrome. Right click will open Chrome incognito window. I uninstalled CCleaner, but that didn’t solve my issue with Brave,

Understood; the reason I searched for Chrome is because I think this is a Chromium (Chrome) problem and there would be more results by searching on that because many other people have had this issue on Chrome.

Yes, I’m not really sure if it’s involved, just seemed highly coincidental. But, if it trashes local files where certain data bits are stored/cached, I could see something like this happening. And if that is the case, then uninstalling CC wouldn’t help because the damage is already done by that point.

At any rate please see the bullet point list from my earlier post and see if that helps. Since this ‘Jump List’ content appears to be something that Windows assembles over some period of time (and not instantaneously), it could take a day or so of usage before seeing results.

I don’t know how to disable the ‘Show recently opened items in Jump Lists and re-enable. Can you explain?

Got it

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