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Hello, This is my first post. The issue I’m having is that I can’t open the private window by itself from the window menu. In order to open the private window I have to open the regular window first then open the private window, I don’t why it’s happening. as for the chrome the incognito opening by itself.
I’m guessing for some reason windows preventing the private/incognito window to open directly. Any help will be helpful

Not sure if it’s the same question being asked, but does this thread help at all? How to? External link clicks default to incognito tab?

Have you figured out how to resolve this issue? I’m the same way, I used to just be able to right-click the Brave icon on my taskbar, then click New Private window and it would open it without needing to open a regular Brave page first. The link that @JimB1 was unrelated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello – it’s not unrelated, it just gives you the info you’d need to create a separate taskbar button (Windows shortcut) so you could launch a Private window whether or not Brave is already running.

While Brave is running, on my system, I do have these options:


Is that what you’re looking for?

Yeah, so if you just click New Private window without a Brave already running, it won’t open. You have to click New Window first, then New Private window will open when you click it then.

OK, I see what you’re saying. I can’t reproduce the issue on my end (if Brave is closed, and I choose ‘New Private window,’ it will open one – and only that).

So on your side of things do you not even see that option, or do you have it and literally nothing happens when you choose it? (No window opens at all?)

Here’s some discussion of Chrome users having that issue, I believe:

Looks like there are a few solutions there. Personally I would avoid the ones involving installing anything else, but the unpin/pin and the ‘unpin then drag shortcut onto Taskbar’ ones look fairly promising, and easy to try.

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