Can't Log Into Cryptowallet

I was trying to setup my local cryptowallet through my browser. I entered my password and was viewing the “phrase” and apparently was a little click happy. I think I bumped one of the top heading links. Once I came back to the setup page, the phrase was gone and when I click on cryptowallet now through settings it takes me to the password page but the password I setup is not working.
I can’t seem to proceed or remove what I have done. Can someone help so I can finish the setup on my wallet?

Thanks for reaching out to us. This issue is known and the team is working presently on getting it resolved as soon as possible:

I’ve been having similar problems. I downloaded Brave almost a year ago and accumulated my coins and now they’re all gone. And even after setting up a new profile and account, the error message keeps popping up that I’m not my wallet is not verified.

Thanks for reaching out to us. However, this seems like an inherently different issue. Can you please open a new thread with the details surrounding your missing tokens?

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