Images not loading on certain sites ex. Reddit

Description of the issue: When on certain cites, the primary one being reddit, images will load fine when simply scroll through the site but when I click to enlarge them, they’ll load for about a second then disappear entirely. I’ve disabled shields and it still doesn’t work, but I don’t have this problem on any other browser I’ve tried, being chrome and edge.
How can this issue be reproduced?
No clue how to reproduce it.
Expected result:
The image would load like normal.
Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.23.75

Hi welcome to community :slight_smile: Could you test this in a new private window. (ctrl shift+N). If you are still having issue could you test this in a new profile?

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Hey, so it works on a new private window for some reason. Didn’t try a new profile but it’d likely work there too.

Actually, I’ve solved the problem, it was an extension I had on. Thanks for the help!


Hi Lank,
Glad to know you were able to resolve your issue. Brave Support is always happy to help if you have any further issues.
Happy browsing :+1:

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