Only brave won't load anything?

Description of the issue: i was using brave just fine earlier today, when it suddenly would no longer load any websites. i believe it’s because i used protonvpn. i disconnected and cleared my cache, but it’s still not working. i also deleted my extensions off brave. my internet is working on google chrome and mozilla firefox. i also uninstalled brave and reinstalled it from the offifical website, and it’s still not working. brave is my new favorite browser, and i don’t wanna have to go back! please help <3

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.38.119

Additional Information: n/a

i also tried making a new profile and using the guest window. doesn’t change anything :frowning:



  1. Open Brave
  2. Open a new private window by Holding the following keys simultaneously CTRL+SHIFT+N . Try opening websites.

I’m experiencing the issue as well. Tried everything I could. Uninstall, reinstall, connection settings, privacy settings, and anti-virus. nothing has worked as of now.

Same problem for me and still no fix for few of us who still have this problem and no one wants to help us.

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