Can't import passwords from Firefox (MacOS)

**Description of the issue: I recently installed Brave and even though when I tried to import passwords from my Firefox it says import finished with a big checkmark but no passwords were imported

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. Go to settings -> import bookmarks and passwords 2. Choose firefox 3. Check passwords 4. Click ok

**Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): No imported passwords

**Expected result: Passwords from Firefox to be imported

Reproduces how often:

**Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): Brave Version 0.61.51 , OS: macOS 10.14.2

Additional Information:


Having the same problem!

Thanks for reaching out!

We currently have an open issue for this you can see here:

In the meantime, it looks like Firefox doesn’t have a way to export passwords natively – but there do seem to be several different extensions/tools that will do this for you. Find one that will export PWs/credentials as .CSV file, then follow the “To Import” instructions from a previous post of mine to import them into Brave:

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I can’t believe this - I just re-installed Mintv19 and have had to install Brave Browser again (which is not hard just that it is not included in the Software Manager so I go thru the Terminal process) and the Import Passwords is gone. (I swear it was on my last version along with Export).

Then everything I search for talks about Bookmarks! WTH - who cares about Bookmarks if you can’t remember all your Passwords.

This is the 2nd time this has happened since I signed up for Brave over 18mths ago.

How can you mess-up something so important & simple? That along with all the other screw-ups really makes me wonder if you guys know how to run a software operation.

Yes - it worked.
And I recovered my Passwords - so I can use them.
But I still find this troubling.
I do not consider myself an idiot (some may quibble with that) - but why is this so hidden?
I searched this Forum before asking you this question - and found it nowhere obvious.
My conclusion would be that you do not want users to have this functionality.

Why? (I could speculate but I think you need to answer this if you expect users to trust you before you “wall-off” this option.)

Regardless, here are my reasons for wanting this independence:

  1. Reason I came to Brave was cuz I am upset at Google/Firefox incursions on my Browser data. I do not want to share it and will pay for that if necessary.
  2. I will not be using Sync - as I simply do not trust you with my data “in the cloud” and we have lots of examples where that has been abused - so lets not argue about it but just agree that I have the right to make such a choice.
  3. I am Canadian and I can’t help but notice a strong Cdn contingent of programmers at Brave. So there is an element of supporting the “home-team” no matter how international they may feel - they live here like me.

Thank you for the info on how to regain Password Import and I look forward to your reply.

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The password flag is hidden for security reasons – you’ll see this same behavior in Chrome. That said, I believe we do have an open issue to surface this flag to a toggle-able option in settings. I can’t guarantee that it will be implemented but its certainly not out of the question for future releases.

I think you should read up a bit on how Sync actually functions. In short, your data does “sit in the cloud”, but it doesn’t “live in the cloud” – by this I mean that your data will remain locally and is not actually “moved” anywhere. In addition, Sync uses client-side encryption, where only the end-user holds the decryption keys – this means that only you can view synced data.

Yes I realize that but it will be shared for different devices. I went thru this with Chrome already as the upgrades did not port to a WinVista 32bit - and before I knew it I could not “export” my Passwords in plain text - they were garbled in JSON.

As you complexify - more things go wrong. The “all you must do” explaination leads to more issues. KISS needs to be embraced more. You make too many choices for us and do not let US make those which work for us. At this point I forsee that Brave will justr go down the same path as FireFox and Chrome - to users detriment.

Even now I am my old Win Vista 32 is being rendered less usable (ie like recent PIA VPN only works with Win7+) which is why I have moved to LinuxMint v19. Also 2FA will roll-out to Win10 and Apple O/S in next 3-6mths - further locking down those o/s.

Gab is chatting about Forking Chrome for a secure alternative - so that may be available at some point but I am probablly just going to switch to PaleMoon or Tor Browser - and leave all this strurm und strang behind.