Can't import data from brave on a previous drive

So I moved over from an SSD to an HDD because I was having problems with the former but luckily all the files from said SSD seem to be in working order except Brave. When I try to open it in the HDD on my desktop folder I get the “This app can’t run on your PC” error message. Is there any way to remedy this? I just want to import all the data from it but the Brave on my HDD won’t detect the copy I cop and pasted over from my SSD which is connected via USB to my laptop. Will provide additional info if needed.

If you have all your original Brave browsing data saved on your HDD, try the following:

  1. Close all instances of Brave.
  2. On your new SSD, uninstall and remove all Brave files from the drive.
  3. Re-download Brave and install fresh on the drive
  4. In Windows on your old HDD, navigate to ~/users/[your user name]/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/UserData and copy this directory.
  5. Return to your new SSD with the fresh installation of Brave and visit the same directory in Windows, and paste/replace the User Data folder here with the one you copied.

Now, when you launch Brave, it should pull all your browsing data into it automatically. Please let me know if this does not work or if any of the above is unclear.

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