How do I find Brave’s old data in its Windows folder?

Description of the issue:
I’ve recently bought a new pc and wanted to migrate brave data from the old one to the new one;
Is there a way to find the data in the brave folder I had in the old pc?
Brave asks me to upload an html file for the old data but in that old folder I can’t find anything like that.
I someone knows how it will be really appreciated

On Windows, all of your personal data is stored at
C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

Is there a particular file you’re looking at?

Thanks for the answer.
I’m looking for every data I can import from the browser in the old pc to the new one.

It’s all in the folder I mentioned.

Copy and paste the entire folder User Data to the same location in the new system and everything will run as before.

Can’t find that folder actually.
I’ve connected the old ssd to the new pc but the only folders I can find are crash reports, temp and update.
Nothing else

Ok I was wrong.
Inside the “brave-browser” folder I can only find Application and Temp folders

Can you post a screenshot, please?

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