Can't access Dropbox

I just installed Brave on recommendation of a friend. Generally it seems to work ok but when I try to login to Dropbox it won’t let me. I receive a message at top of screen from the website telling me that my browser is blocking from loading. I have tried turning off shield which didn’t work and I can’t see anything else that might be affecting it. I don’t want to use Facebook to login.

My OS is Windows 10 and I am able to login using both Chrome and Firefox.

Is anyone able to offer a solution?


I didn’t see a captcha, using my gmail login I managed to login without issue. Which method are you using to login? Have you tested in private window mode?

I didn’t see one either so something probably happens under the bonnet. It apparently only tells you when there is an error. Private didn’t work either.

So I tried again yesterday putting the shield down and i think I may have tweaked something else. Anyway the result is that I can now get in.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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