Can’t log in to Gmail

Can’t log in to google account
I recently installed Brave browser and I can’t login to my google account but the password is right because I tried logging in on chrome and it worked. It comes up with this error.

'Something went wrong

Sorry, something went wrong there. Try again. ’

Also, it worked the first day and days later when I tried signing in again it gave the error.

It seems to work fine in Brave Nightly and Brave Beta.

Hello @canada-eh

what is your shield settings

does the private mode help

Hello, thanks for reply.

It’s working now, weird! I was trying everything all morning, I left my office came back and tried again and it worked.

The shield settings were off. I didn’t try private mode, I’ll try that next time. Thanks for the tip.

@canada-eh you welcome :slight_smile:

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