Cannot see comments on Yahoo News

Recently switched to brave browser and ive been noticing on yahoo news I cannot read the comments. The comments work on other browsers like regular chrome, firefox, and edge. Ive looked around and some people who had this problem and some troubleshooting tips were to start as a new user and try, disabling extensions, trying in private browsing and nothing has worked. for extensions, these are the ones i have installed. Is this a bug with this version? Ive updated yesterday but had the same issue before the update.

It works fine, so yes, it could be one of the 10000 extensions you have.

I mean, I don’t understand why you have Adguard and uBlock AND then Brave adblocker which is enabled by default in the same browser.

Brave uses the same default lists as uBlock, and it is tiny percent the rules that are not supported yet by Brave’s adblocker, what I mean is, 99% of Websites will not require anything but Brave adblocker, just set it to Aggressive and done.

  1. The problem is you don’t give a link where people can test Yahoo comment section, I went to Yahoo news and clicked around and then clicked the comments icon, but I don’t know if you mean that.

  2. Since you have 3 adblockers running in your Brave, which lists have you enabled? anything besides defaults? I only have Cookie one and uBlock annoyances and done. The more lists you enable, it can create issues and also slow down the browser.

  3. You don’t even give your version, so it is hard to know if you are using Stable, beta, Nightly and then a Stable version from a year ago or a pre-release or something.

  4. how did you disable the extensions? did you start Brave with --disable-extensions? That would be the best way to test the browser without extensions.
    To test the browser with a complete new user data you use the --user-data-dir= and you add any path you want your temporary user data to be created.
    You should test it with Shields up and down, and then the individual Shield settings to see if it could be something other than Adblocker causing issues.

  5. Did you enable any flag?

  6. What does Devtools → console says? The best way to see what happens in a website is by using devtools. Elements will help you see any cosmetics being applied and Network would be the Network filters, and console can help with any scriptlet injection filter.
    So everything is connected, therefore you should use the Devtools to see if it displays and error something.
    And since you decided to use Adguard and uBlock, check their loggers and see if something is happening.

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