Cannot remove icons on Brave Browser

Hello, on my brave Browser, Icons of websites I have visited (youtube etc) appear on the screen as a ICON. I cannot delete these ? I have cleared history etc in the browser and the only result is the Icon goes transparent but does not delete when I try delete it. I cannot seem to overwrite them with visiting other websites.

Its been like this for quite some time since I have installed it months ago. I have tried installing but it just re installs with the same Icons in the same positions on screen.

How do I delete these ? there must be some answer to this

Brave ver is 0.68.132

Are you referring to the new tab page or are the icons appearing somewhere else?

can you please post a screen shot. It is difficult to understand where you see the icon. Is it on the new tab? If so, I guess brave browser pick sites you visited before as favorite site. If you use brave nighly or Dev there is an option for the new tab where you can selectively remove favorite tiles if you dont want. Actually brave nightly and Dev give the option to remove or keep background image, clock, favorite site and brave stats.

Is there a way to completely stop Brave from adding these desktop “visited” website icons? I don’t need, use, or want them. Thanks.

Use brave nightly or Dev…

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