Brave Beta Puts a Shortcut on Desktop every time it updates

I keep deleting the unwanted Desktop Shortcuts but every time Brave Beta Updates it places an icon for the Non Beta version of Brave on my desktop. Is there any way to stop this. I don’t like a cluttered Desktop.


It is annoying. Just thought I would share that it is happening to me too.

It’s not just the beta that does it.
I run a CLEAN desktop, no icons. I’ve been complaining to AVG for them putting a new icon on the desktop every-time they update. Now, Brave is cluttering up my desktop.
It’s annoying!

I made an account here just to agree with this. Additionally, give more options during installation. Virtually every open source program allows you to choose things like installation location and whether or not to have shortcuts placed. Simple stuff to include if you’d offer an msi install option. Or a full binary instead of just the downloader. Plenty of options to give us some choices it’s not hard.

Hi – thank you to everyone reporting this.
If you don’t mind, can you all tell me which OS you’re using? Obviously this seems to be specific to Windows but whether running Win7 or Win10 system would be useful. Additionally:

  • Which Brave versions are you using that exhibit this behavior?
  • Do you know which update this behavior started taking place after?
  • Are you connected through a VPN when updating?

Agreed wholeheartedly nununu

OS is Windows 10 64
Brave Beta
Since I installed it a month ago Every Update
Dies it if I use my VPN or Not

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