Cannot re-install Brave

Yesterday, for the first time after many years of using the Brave browser, it shut down completely (not froze, but shut down). Upon reopening Brave, it displayed a small window on the right, asking to restore session or cancel. Regardless of which I chose, it would stay open for a few seconds, and close browser again.
I used Control panel in my Windows platform to un-install. Waited until it finished. Then performed complete shutdown of system, waited 5 minutes, and restarted.
My problem is that it will not let me re-install Brave. I get a window that says “no updates available” and the choices are "close’ or “help”. If I choose help, it opens a browser window that displays “429 too many requests”. That’s it.
Any possible help or suggestions? Running Windows 7 in my system.

@Odinpapa55 any installations would need to be done through the Github. Windows 7 and older versions of Brave are no longer supported. You should look at updating when possible. Otherwise when you have issues, nobody can help you.

Last known version to work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 is linked below:

It’s likely due to an issue with the fight against youtube ads. Overly aggressive shields are crashing the browser. First,
Settings → Shields → Trackers & ads blocking: Disabled
Then, you need to disable the Shields on and on first visits. Once that’s done, you can reenable it. Then use uBlock Origin or your preferred adblocker in its place.
Saoiray posted the version you need.
Keep an eye on these threads for possible news updates:
Scripts on Google search page are crashing Brave
Brave has been crashing since afternoon

Thank you Saoiray for the response. Those links gave me several versions to try, but none will reinstall Brave. Still get the same response of “No Updates Available” in a window with a robot figure. It seems like Windows has somewhere failed to totally clear the previous installation, and the Brave install EXE fails for that reason: it detects Brave as still being installed.
Thank you Hotdogs555, but I won’t know what crashes it until I manage to re-install Brave, and I’m stalled on that at this time. If I can get Brave re-installed…then I could try those.
I have some old graphic editing programs that don’t like to run in Win 10, so that’s why I’ve been hanging on to Win 7.
I just don’t know where to look, in order to find whatever is fooling the Brave install files, into thinking Brave is already installed.

For anyone wondering, get the standalone setup.

Hey i just made an account to chime in on this, doing the same to me on my Win7 pc starting yesterday morning and guess i shoulda waited a bit to see if was happening to anyone else. Which the Win7 is currently my only pc after my tablet got a power surge from a plug coming apart and surged the drive. Just spent 2 weeks transferring files from an old failing drive to a new SSD on this one and then this crap happens. At first i thought the same thing, and further confusing is suddenly i had a pair of viruses when i had just scanned last week. That aside even after going through virus scans, Deleting and trying to reinstall just to hit the same wall you did it trying to update. I tried to do the Standalone version and that just left me even madder when i realized it would not sync and couldnt get my passwords. Didnt try the older version, looks like what he posted above is different. So i deleted it again, tried using Recuva to restore the old files and realized i’d just boned myself by making multiple copies of the folders that i couldnt tell apart. You might be able to restore it that way though if you’re more patient than i was, i just ended up pulling out my failing hard drive i kept as a backup for my old photos and stuff, and directly copying the files from there to this pc into the same folder space and opening from there. Had to resync of course and hesitant to delete the old sync slot for the moment but i got it working enough I can get into my more obscure accounts in the meantime. May just end up having to wipe and re-copy the entire drive if that causes passwords not to sync properly now. Didnt even occur to me that the youtube site could itself be intentionally crashing the entire browser but man am i mad right now that i did all that for nothing.

Bad enough that Brave stopped support on older versions, both my tablet and this one were WIN7 or 8.1 and i had ZERO interest in “upgrading” to a fking even slower and more spyware filled operating system that my hardware was not made for and i think it’s completely ridiculous the devs made that decision. To upgrade this 17 year old pc to win10 i’d slow to a friggin crawl and overheat it constantly. Same for the tablet. So i dunno who took a bribe to make that decision but after this i may end up just sayin F it and moving everything to Linux or at least off Brave and look at other open source options. Bad enough they have a history of shady stuff early on. already had lost half my reason for being on this browser when stopped being able to accumulate BAT on it. If i have to go back to using a different Adblock just to youtube then i’m not really seeing the benefit here anymore. Granted that’s on Youtube for whatever the F they are doing but since my version wont be updated if a fix is made, it tells me it’s time to look elsewhere. I’ll def be watching for a class action against Youtube for this mess though.

should probably stop recommending that. Standalone wont sync when using windows 7 and is just gonna make people even madder. better to restore the same files that were deleted using Recuva or such. Might work using an outdated version like the other guy mentioned but not the standalone.