Brave browser will not close - unable to uninstall or restart my computer

I need to update my mac software and when I attempted, the computer was unable to close Brave browser and thus the update was stopped. I cannot close the application at all - even from a a force quit. I cannot uninstall and reinstall because the computer keeps saying “browser is open”.

Not sure how to reproduce this issue because it literally won’t close to allow me to reproduce it.

How can I quit/close the browser when force quit doesn’t work??

Version 1.13.86 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks for the help. I’m at a loss.

It also appears that Brave keeping trying update… spinning circle of death that never updates.

Have you tried force shutting down the computer with the power button?

Yes, I tried shutting down with power button but it said the app was still open.

I left it alone for an hour and went back to try and force quit. It allowed me to momentarily. Then it auto opened again.

So I waited again… it allowed me force quit and I quickly uninstalled it so that I could update my software.

I am hesitant to reinstall now. I really liked using it but not being able to shut down my computer or install updates is very concerning. It wouldn’t even let me export my bookmarks so now that’s lost as well. Super sucky.

You should be fine to re-install and use the browser. The most likely scenario is that you had Brave background process(es) running when trying to install updates or uninstall the browser. I’ve seen this happen before on macOS specifically so I don’t think the issue is unique to you, nor do I believe that it is anything beyond that.

I’ll keep this thread open for a while if you do decided to reinstall and end up running into any issues.

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