Cannot mute sites anymore

When I click on the mute site option, brave does not mute the site. The audio keeps on playing

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Right click on any tab
  2. Click Mute Site

Expected result:
Brave mutes the sites.

Brave Version [
Version 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my end. Do you happen to use any extensions?

I used volume meter but after I uninstalled it. The mute site function did not seem to work again. I tried reinstalling but it did not fix the issue

All right. Check whether muting websites works normally in a private window.

yea that works in the private window

I have 2 suggestions as of the moment.

  1. Disable all extensions and check whether muting websites works normally. If it works normally, you can begin enabling extensions one by one until you find which extension is causing issues, and then uninstall or disable the problematic extension.
  2. If disabling all extensions doesn’t resolve the issue, I suggest clearing your browsing data. You can do that via brave://settings/clearBrowserData. Type brave://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar, go to Advanced and change Time range to All time. Select Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, and Site and Shields SettingsClear data.

Note: Clearing Site and Shields Settings browsing data resets global Brave Shields settings, re-adjust global Brave Shields settings via brave://shields if needed.

Both of your suggestions don’t seem to work. But the one thing have noticed is that the voice symbol on the tab can mute the site. But not the mute site option when you right click the tab

Have you changed any flag via brave://flags recently?

Umm no. Volume meter might have changed some ig. Is there any flag for mute site?

When you open brave://flags, modified flags will appear with a blue dot on their left side. Are there such flags?

This is what I see

I’m puzzled as to why muting websites works as expected in a private window but not in a regular one. Usually, the reason would be an extension since users have to explicitly configure extensions to work in private window.

Please, re-check the following:

  1. Close all tabs.
  2. Open brave://extensions/ and disable all extensions along with Developer mode.
  3. Close Brave.
  4. Open Brave and go to brave://extensions/ once again. Make sure all extensions and Developer mode are disabled.
  5. Check whether you can mute websites as expected.

ok now I get it. It because of the extension named as habitca site keeper. When I disable it everything seems to work. Thanks for your reply and help. Really appreciate it


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