Please add a shortcut for muting sites or website

i can see this has been posted several times prior to this but i wanna expand.
I visit many sites that would periodically require me to mute and unmute at intervals. for example. when i use duolingo i dont keep it muted , but when i want it to be muted for privacy and other reasons at specific times. muting is a core part of browser and while other chromium based browsers have this, brave does not have a keybind for muting a site or tab,
it would be very useful to me and many others, as you can imagine if this can be implemented in brave, i like brave and its privacy friendlyness and this is prettty much the only thing holding me from using it all the time.

Yes, it does. Go to SettingsSystemShortcuts and you’ll see it.

Just a heads up for things in the future (you can search for settings):

When you open up Settings in Brave (at least on Desktop versions), there’s a image icon. Using it allows you to search through all of settings for something. So like if you used the term Shortcut, you would have seen below:

Then it also has a search above it. So typing in something like Mute would show you below:

Then you can assign your own keybind/shortcut to tasks, such as Mute other tabs or whatever you’re wanting.

But you can use it to try to search for any other random thing you wish might exist.