Mute Site functionality has been partially broken since build 1.14.84

Description of the issue:

Mute Site functionality has been partially broken since Brave build 1.14.84.
I’m saying partially because I only noticed that it stopped working on following website: ( NSFW link - adult content website )

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to (warning NSFW website)
  2. right click on the tab and then left click on Mute Site
  3. from the same tab, open up any live stream on a new tab.
    You will see the correct icon, a speaker with backward slash on it, appearing on this new tab but tab is not actually muted and you can hear the audio.
  4. If you click on Unmute Site and Mute Site on this newly opened tab, it will start working but it will work only for that open tab. It still won’t be functional site-wide.

Expected result:

Once clicked on Mute Site, the website should be muted on current and all new tabs

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Release Channel 1.18.70 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.17.73 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.16.76 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.16.75 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.16.72 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.16.68 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.15.76 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.15.75 (still broken)
Release Channel 1.15.72 (stopped working)
Release Channel 1.14.84 (no bug. it works) :+1:

Additional Information:

Like I said above, as far I know, it stopped working only on this website.
It works just fine on for instance.

Update (13 Dec, 2020):

No one has ever bothered to reply to this ticket and said anything as to whether or not this is going to be fixed.
And it got closed by “System” for lack of reply/activity.

Nice job Brave team!

You’ve just not only lost another Brave Browser user and but also earned someone who will go out of his way to tell everyone he knows that how much your product/support sucks.

One would expect at least a little bit of decency and a reply but I understand. Why try and fix a completely legitimate bug that involves a XXX website and risk your colleagues calling you names. Who uses your product to browse the internet for adult content anyway, right?

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