Cannot link Uphold wallet with Brave

Briefly describe your issue:
My Uphold wallet is verified on their end but the Brave browser does not want to accept it. This has also caused some issues resulting in me losing all of my BAT (Over 400 tokens).

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Windows 10, 64bit. Brave version V1.39.122

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)

What date did you verify your wallet?
June 14th, 2022

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

Have you fully completed Uphold’s CDD requirements?
I thought I did. I can provide screenshots as needed.


Please clarify your: ‘Brave browser does not want to accept it’

Sure: I receive this message in return:

This was taken on June 15h, 2022. In the picture you can clearly see the token amount.

Also taken the same day. Uphold says the wallet is linked to Brave. I spoke with their community about this error and was told to contact Brave support instead. Clearly you can see that there is a zero balance vs. the prior picture.

Why did these tokens suddenly disappear?

EDIT: Just to further ahead of this, I imagine those tokens are completely gone because even though I backed up my wallet while it was unverified, the password key doesn’t seem to want to take. All of this I assume or simply clearing my internet history? Meh. I’ve tried to switch to another one so I guess I’m just going to have to give up and start from scratch. What a huge pain. Do I have to send it myself to my Uphold wallet manually now because the pages look the same under the Brave wallet pay (i.e. a different address) vs. the one it’s linked to where it says that NOW I’m supposedly verified because I had to through Gemini to send it to my Uphold account. What’s a clusterf of a situation, but it seems like them’s the breaks. I just want to make sure everything is on the up and up with no other weird problems going forward.

I think yours is the simple answer. Go to your Profile in Uphold and make sure you complete everything. Even if you have submitted documents and verified with Uphold, if you don’t have ALL of your details filled out in your Uphold profile, it gets “denied” by Brave such as what you’re seeing.

Check out where I helped someone else with this before at the Topic below.

Nah, not at all. It’s always possible in limbo but if you still have your Brave browser installed where you can share your Wallet Payment ID that you find at brave://rewards-internals then you’d be able to submit a Support Ticket and Brave would look into it.

Create a Support Ticket at

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Thanks for the quick response! I did actually get my account finally Verified fully and it shows up under the Brave Rewards tab, my only other question is that when I visit the wallet tab, I’m not sure if that wallet address is the same one attached to my uphold one.

The reason I’m worried about this is because I created a new wallet (I think?) because the crypto recovery key phrase was changed this time so I’m uncertain if this is a problem. I sent myself several BAT to that wallet, then suddenly the recovery phrase was no longer the same, I tried using the ones I had stored away and for whatever reason it zero’d out. So basically I lost ~23 BAT, which is fine if this mess is sorted the right way. I’m not going to quibble over a couple of tokens but anyway, is there some way to make sure the verified Uphold account is the same as the address under the Brave Wallet tab? It’s not intuitive.

Sorry for the long response. As to your brave-internals suggestion, I did find those, but I wasn’t going to submit a ticket until today’s payout and see if everything was sympatico.

Thanks for the help, though!

Brave Wallet is something else entirely and has nothing to do with Rewards. So if you’re talking about brave://wallet then has nothing to do with it.

Which wallet? Sent from where?

Yeah, really curious about what you did and from where. It might just be how I’m reading it, but it seems like you did a lot of “abnormal things” in terms of how Rewards and BAT work. Generally speaking, you just connect your browser to Gemini or Uphold and you earn your BAT. Then it gets sent to Uphold/Gemini during the payouts where it sits in your account there. It’s completely detached from Brave at that point overall. Then you can send from Gemini/Uphold to other wallets, but there are fees associated with it, often costing too much to want to actually send anywhere. That’s because once received there, it’s the actual token and is on the Ethereum Network (ERC-20). Any time it’s sent somewhere, you have network fees and “gas fees.”

It’s going to be a lot to read, but if you have time, try to check out my FAQ that was written a while back. I tried to hit on a number of topics that people often post about. Not sure if it might help in knowing more of what’s going on? Also, I guess if you can answer I’m really curious where you sent things to and from where? lol. (not asking for addresses or anything, just general sense)

FAQ is PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

All right, gotcha. Does your FAQ cover what the “brave:///wallet” actually does? I’m confused as to what purpose it serves if I’m already linked up with Uphold and Gemini.

I sent some BAT from my Gemini wallet to whatever brave://wallet is supposed to be.

Whatever was originally attached to the unverified one I had with the larger sum of BAT is what I’m talking about, I think? I set a recovery password as well as the phrase, cleared my browser history/cache/etc. and that’s when I was set back to 0. I assume this generated a new wallet somehow? Then I got into trying to verify with Uphold which was my original mess, switched over to Gemini which was a bit easier to verify, generated about a month’s worth of BAT which I sent some BAT to the brave://wallet address and then the rest over to my then FINALLY verified Uphold wallet address which I’m presently using. I’m not entirely sure how to recover the other (third or fourth at this point?) wallet, that being the brave://wallet one that had some BAT in it. TBH I don’t really care about the hassle of getting that small amount of tokens back but I was confused as to why the brave://wallet thing is so finnicky. What I’m gathering from this is to basically just ignore it entirely now since I have my Uphold account linked up?

I’ll have a read at your FAQ. Thanks for all of the help. I’ll report back once I see things go through because I don’t want to touch anything else for fear of making the matter worse Lol.

Thanks again.

P.S. Hopefully I didn’t destroy the BBcode.

Yeah, it does. Long story short is it’s a place you can buy, sell, trade, and send Crypto. The only thing is they don’t allow you to receive Rewards payments there because Brave doesn’t want to KYC/AML everyone, plus they would have to get particular licenses and other things according to government regulations.

I guess you can say that Exchanges like Uphold/Gemini are banks and work as such. Things like Brave Wallet are like safes that you keep at home or various places. Obviously easier to pay and access stuff in the bank. If in the safe, you have transportation and other things that come into play and it’s not readily available. There’s a lot more to it, but I guess that’s the “simple” way to say it for now.

Ah, ok, so lot of problems there. I’m not sure if someone like @Aman_M might have ways to help you track that, as I’m not good when it comes to details of sending and tracking crypto. But when you go to send from one to another, the Exchange usually charges transaction fees but even if not, you’re going to have gas fees since it’s on ETH. Usually you need to have ETH in your account to fund the gas. I’m unsure if they would have went to do this conversion for you.

If you didn’t have enough ETH for gas in order to have anyone actually “transfer” your BAT for you, then it would essentially just be sitting there in limbo. Guess you can think of it like you just wanted a truck to transport something for you but you didn’t give them anything to do it or maybe you just gave them $1 and expect them to do the transport. Chances are, it’s just not going to happen.

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Right. I understand the gas fee thing for the most part. What I’m hoping is that your FAQ covers how to swap because I’m still partially confused as to get around the “not enough for gas fees” yadayada then I lower the amount of BAT sent, same thing, I don’t particularly get it or how to change BAT into ETH because I thought it would be far more apparent than what it is. And yeah, I cleaned out whatever I had from my Gemini wallet to Uphold one because TBH I’m participating in the Rewards program to turn it into gift cards. Baby steps, I suppose.

Again, thank you ever so much for all of your help and taking the time out of your day to answer my questions. Cheers.

Yeah, I know the basics but I struggle with it greatly. Two primary people that go around Brave Community who know the most would be Aman_M as I tagged before, and @Chocoholic .

Maybe they can be kind enough to pop in and link you to it or describe it better for you. My only experiences with crypto at this point just has been buying/converting on Uphold and receiving BAT here. So I try to limit how much I say, especially if it’s anything with Brave Wallet or any DApps.

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@BrentF Sorry for delay because when I saw this first, it looked a lot to unpack before I jump-in. :grin:

Now, like Saoiray pointed-out, the Brave Wallet that you see here brave://wallet/ is altogether different and independent of Brave Rewards. There are plans to integrate Brave Rewards with Brave Wallet in future but there is no timeline. And the seed-phrase that you get while creating Brave Wallet, recovers only Brave Wallet and not Brave Rewards.

Have you been using Brave Rewards for long time? Brave earlier used to provide recovery key/seed-phrase for Brave Rewards as well. Do you have that? Did you try to recover with that?

It’s the Brave Reward’s wallet that gets linked to Uphold/Gemini not Brave Wallet. Did you also verify your Brave Rewards with Gemini prior to verifying with Uphold or later?

Did the tokens disappeared right after verification with Uphold? Did other counters on brave://rewards/ like Current earnings this month (estimated), Ads received this month and 30-day Ads History also reset. If these counters didn’t reset, you may not have lost your 400+ BATs.

Now about swaps in Brave wallet, the BAT that you sent to Brave Wallet from Gemini exist on-chain (blockchain) on Ethereum network. And any transaction on a network/blockchain (buy, send, swap and many more) requires some gas fee to be paid in chain’s native currency (SOL on Solana, MATIC on Polygon, AVAX on Avalanche, ADA on Cardano network and so on), which is ETH in this case.

So you would need some ETH (Ethereum) to pay for gas fee in addition to BAT that you are trying to swap in Brave Wallet. Gas fee changes over-time and current fee can be tracked here- Look for 0x: Swap (0x is Brave Wallet’s DEX aggregator) under Action (~$7 currently but will change) and you would need that equivalent amount in ETH. So the error- “not enough for gas fees”.

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