Cannot import chrome bookmarks or passwords PC

Cannot import chrome bookmarks, passwords or settings. Chrome not in import dropdown option(present options are Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Bookmarks HTML File).

If importing via HTML File Bookmarks are saved in Import Folder on bookmarks bar and have to open all bookmarks individually to save them independently as single bookmarks. Because I cannot import passwords, I also have to log in manually for 40+ bookmarks to save usernames and passwords.

Major usability issue. Learnt about Brave from Twitter Ad looking for chrome users.

Brave Version 0.62.37, Windows 10. Tried with Beta and regular versions.

Hi @noa,

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I was able to reproduce this on a Surface Pro that didn’t have Chrome installed. After installing Chrome on the device, it then appeared in the dropdown menu for Bookmark Imports. Can you confirm that Chrome is installed on your device?


Yes, Chrome is installed on my PC. Tried steps with Chrome open and closed with the same result.

You’re using the steps found here to import your browsing data, is that correct?

Hi Steeven, Mattches,

Correct, used provided steps.

I have Chrome Beta on my PC. Reinstalled Chrome (regular) and ‘Chrome Person 1’ appeared on dropdown option so was able to import bookmarks and passwords. Would be great if I could also import from Opera but satisfied with Chrome fix for now (planning to use Brave as Chrome replacement).

Thanks for the rapid response!

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No problem - I’m glad that it did end up working out. I think we are working on adding additional browsers in which you can import browsing data from.

From Opera, if you can export your BMs and Passwords, those can be imported into Brave.

Super! Kindly share procedure for importing passwords into Brave via HTML. Managed importing BMs but not passwords.

Sorry for the late response!
To import passwords into Brave:

  1. Launch Brave and type brave://flags into the address bar (hit enter)
  2. On this page, search for a flag called #PasswordImport
  3. Set this to Enabled and relaunch the browser when prompted
  4. Now return to Chrome, go to Settings --> Passwords
  5. Click the 3 dots menu – its to the right, across from where it says Saved PasswordsExport Passwords...
  6. Export your Chrome passwords somewhere easy to find
  7. Return to Brave, Settings --> Passwords --> More menu --> Import Passwords

Please let me know if this doesn’t work or if any of the above is unclear.

It worked! Thank you!

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