How to import passwords from Chrome etc?

I would like to know if anyone has found a way to import passwords from all bookmarked websites and all sites I have registered on, from Chrome and other browsers to Brave- I’ve noticed that desktop importing is fine, but I’m specifically referring to mobile devices; I’ve installed Brave on my mobile phone, but I can’t import passwords and settings etc. Only bookmarks. Is it at all possible?


I think this feature is currently not supported. It might be in the works :man_shrugging:t5: I can check the development backlog if you want

Sure, and thanks in advance.

Bump… This is a necessary feature, namely “csv password import”… Chrome, and most other password lockboxes or browser features, have an option to export passwords in a csv, or comma separated value, file, this bypasses any problematic security clearance inherently, a browser need only to translate the values into it’s password database from the file.

Hello,I just installed Brave on my phone, running Android 10, I’ve found NO WAY to import bookmarks. There is no option to import under the bookmarks tab and it was not part of the “tour” - can you tell me how you imported your bookmarks? Thanks!!

You can import, but it has to go via sync; so that means that you need to have brave with all bookmarks already set on a computer or other device, and then you can use sync to have them appear across all your devices.

Thank you kind sir …

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