How to import passwords from Chrome?

I wanted to import passwords from Chrome. I saved the passwords but when I came back to Brave, I found that there is no import option in Brave. Please help. Thanks.

There’s an import option. If you are on a desktop you would go to your bookmarks in Settings (the hamburger menu on top right) and then there would be an option to Import bookmarks and settings.

If you were on iPhone or iPad then when you open up your bookmarks you would have to go back to where you can choose like the main menu, then you would hit the little red square with an up arrow plus on the bottom left and choose Import.


So yeah, I just edited out because originally I put wrong. Unfortunately I jumbled my memories on devices. This is why I’m glad I always go back and test things on my own devices when I tell people things. On Android there isn’t a way except to Sync with other devices. So Import and Export is only available on everything BUT Android, which seems silly. @Serg if you happen to pop online, you know if this is something you guys are working on in development?

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Yes, the only way on Android is to import them on your laptop/desktop and sync to Android. You have to use laptop/desktop in any case to export them right? So you can use laptop/desktop Brave and sync into Android.

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Not necessarily. Like if I had been using Chrome on my Android only and now am switching to Brave, I’d want to move it over to Brave. Yet if there’s no import options to do so, then I’d be screwed unless I had another device that I’d be using them on.

Not sure how many people are “phone only” but it’s possible. It does seem kind of a bit off though why we let iPhone and others import but not Android? But I get you, right now only available to people using multiple devices running the same browsers., well for Android anyway.

But on desktop or iPhone, if they had been my only device, they both have import/export options. So I’d be able to export from Chrome to Brave on the same device with zero issues.

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There is no way to export from Chrome on Android, only desktop Chrome supports that or you can use Chrome’s online service, which actually can be used on mobile only to generate a file with your settings(history, bookmarks, passwords …) I’m just not sure how many users need that as much easier to sync it.

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I’m not saying it is not possible to do. It is possible, just does it worth spending time on it if most users use desktop to create the file in any case?

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Oh wow, I could swear I did it before. Maybe it was something in the past or I’m just completely mistaken. But I just tested and see what you mean. It’s weird but I guess it’s as you say, it depends on what other browsers are doing for the same operating system. If nothing allows to export from Android, then there would be no purpose to Import on it.

Thanks for your time and feedback Serg. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to let us know.

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Thanks everyone for your help. Actually this option of import, I think was present in the beginning for android because when I searched on Google, all procedure was written & I followed but at the end when I went back to Brave, after taking a backup of the passwords, I found that there was no option of import anymore on Android.
Unfortunate that this option is present for iPhone but not Android devices.