Cannot Earn BAT Token

Hello, for some reason i cannot earn BAT Tokens and dont know why

No one will be able to help you because you have not given any information about the nature of your issue. You should follow the guidelines available:

Oh, my apologies, I have installed Brave on my PC which i then moved to my External Harddrive, after that i stopped earning Tokens after i moved Brave to my External Drive because i wanted to have Brave as a portable Browser on the go

When you say you “moved” Brave from internal to external hdd, what exactly did you move?

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I moved every folder form the File Location of Brave

If you installed Brave first on your internal (machine/device) hdd, then Brave is going to be looking for registry files in the same place they were installed – on your machine. This is why certain data – some of which is likely causing your issue – isn’t being accessed.

To resolve this, you’ll need to reinstall Brave directly to your external hard drive. This way, all paths will point to their "original’ destination.

That is inpossible, the installer does not have that option

I want to say again that the installer does not have the option to change directories and that i cant install brave somewhere else

Excellent point and to be honest I’m not sure how to get around it. I’ve pinged some team members to see if they have any solutions. Thank you for your patience.

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