Brave Rewards Claim option not available in Desktop Browser

Claim my rewards option is not being displayed to me. I am not asking about transfer of BAT from my browser wallet to connected Uphold Wallet. I am unable to claim the BAT I earned during this month. After the claim only it will be added to browser’s wallet, which will be sent to the uphold account. I cannot even claim the Rewards. Please some one help me with this issue.


Usually I get a claim button which adds the accumulated BAT from the rewards page to the browser’s own wallet. I didn’t get the claim option this month. I know a friend who was unable to claim the rewards for like 2 months. He is also not getting any ads.

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your wallet id is banned probably

Does this ever happened to you before? Why would they ban me?
I haven’t done anything wrong here though.

are you using vpn? maybe that’s the reason
and yes it happened with me it’s been 2 months and i can’t claim my bat rewards

I’m in the same situation like this!! Any help?

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I didn’t even use a VPN bro

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I didn’t get answers from the higher authorities also bro.

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Hi, payout is currently processing, so it’s best to not mess with any settings like connecting/ reconnecting wallets, etc. right now. This was posted yesterday:

Have a read through this, check that your setup is all right, and just wait a bit - it can take up to several days to process all. Support should post any updates to it, too.
If your problems continue after processing has ended (when the icon changes to red , I believe), you can follow the instructions about contacting Support in the second half of that post.

see this

We just must to unflagged your account manually
by an administrator.

no ads since 2nd feb

Hope, we’ll get soon… please let me know if you know any working solution. Thanks !


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