Cannot drag BAT icon to target

upon claiming the bat rewards you have to drag the bat icon to the square, triangle or circle target. it keeps on failing whenever i drag it to the target so i cant claim the reward


I’m having the same problem over here!

try at different zoom level. I got at 80%. Try this

Thanks! I got it at 90%. That was very frustrating.

thanks. i got it at 80%

08/10/2021: I will try the zoom method, as it is suggesting here and update ASAP…

Update on 08/10/2021 in 5 mins after I post: Change your browser zoom one by one to 90%, 80%, 70% like that . For me when I change to 80% Zoom I claimed my reward successfully…

Thanks guys…

This isn’t working for me even down to 50% zoom. This is driving me crazy. Any other ideas?

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