Can't claim points b/c the verification process isn't accepting my "drag/match the triangle to the XXXXX"

Months ago I couldn’t claim my BAT but we found out it was due to the level of Zoom being used on my browser (133%). When I reduced to 100% it has worked each time. Now I’m using the same browser (running on Ubuntu) and no matter what zoom level I use, it never accepts me dragging the Brave triangle image into the proper target (circle, square or triangle).
I’ve tried EVERY percent from 75% to 150% at 5% intervals & I tried matching at each zoom level about 5-8 times for each of the 15 different levels of zoom. I just don’t know what I need to do to make this work and I KNOW FOR A FACT, I’m not the only one dealing with this & a few users I know have quit Brave/BAT b/c of this happening over & over…

So how do I get this working? who do I report this to?

BTW I also seem to not be getting the amount of BAT I earn over the month. I know I had ~7.85 BAT by Christmas last month, so I probably earned about 1 more BAT by Dec 31, just like for the month of Nov I had 10.75 - 11.5 BAT able to be claimed - but each time at payout I was only given 5.25 each month - so it seems like I’m being limited to this same 5.25…

When I look at my account summary for this browser, it even shows that I earned 10+BAT for Nov, but was only able to claim the 5.25 - so the statement is wrong compared to what was able to be claimed. Again, I’m not alone in this happening. I’m going to make a post about his alone & I’m going to be taking screen caps every 2-3 days for my BAT level & saving them in folders for each months, so I can prove what I’m actually supposed to be earning.

Just to be clear - I’m not tipping or spending any BAT with this browser. If I do tip/spend, its usually on a browser I dedicate for that & I use other crypto or BAT that is in no way linked to any BAT I earn on this account as this browser/account is not my main system but one that a lot of people use, so I tip/pay from my dedicated Laptop where I have my real personal accounts where I pay creators.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Had same issue, been waiting for the update to trickle down from the Chrome Browser team, decided to install the previous stable version of Brave and got my BAT into my acct.

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