Claiming Rewards Issue

Hmmm, not quite…

Prove that you are human!

Drag and drop this logo onto the **triangle** target

I’m always getting the error above. I tried some solutions provided here in the forum, like checking for multi-monitor setup (I only have one), zoom to 100%, 1 tab opened, close and open the rewards, restart computer. Please advise, I can’ still prove that I am human.

I managed to claim after I tried playing with the Zoom settings, it worked when I zoomed out my browser to 67%. I think by doing this the triangle can then fit into the shapes perfectly.


I have the same problem, I try over and over again and it won’t let me move forward. I don’t know what is the reason for this error.


I earned some BAT but doesn’t showing in my account, Brave manipulating with us.


@dababonpro is this on Android?

It’s on a Windows 10 Pro laptop.

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@dababonpro have you tried to claim after adjusting your DPI to 50% zoom?


yup, changing to 67% worked for me, I posted an update in my post.


I have the exact same problem, I have rewards, I see ads, I can’t claim the BAT. T can place that triangle 100 times in a row and it says Hmmm… prove you are human. I changed my zoom to 50% and it worked! Thanks, but all this work is annoying, why even bother.

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It worked for me.

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Thank you! I was having this problem, and zooming out allowed it to work!

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