Cannot Download more than 1 file per session

Description of the issue:
When i try to download files using Brave, it works as expected for the first file, then it’s not possible to download any other file until i restart the browser. This happens on all websites, which are not affected when using an other browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Go to a website and download a file. Works as expected regarding settings in Download Settings
2. When trying to download another file on the same website or an other the browser redirects to a blank page without any explanation and no file is downloaded
3. Only method to get download working again (for 1 file) is restarting the browser

Expected result:
Downloading should work everytime the same way.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave v1.44.101
macOS 12.6

Additional Information:
A few things i tried :
-changing download location in settings or “ask location before download” option
-trying to download the same files from other browser is fine
-trying to download from different websites is the same
-deactivating all shield and extensions
-changing a lot of options about cookies, security and privacy in brave settings
-changing the automatic download options (allowed/refused/not set) for any of these websites has no effect on issue

Ok i finally solved it myself. The files i was trying to download were torrent files, and there is a webtorrent extension embeded in Brave that is on by default. But for a reason i ignore that extension was blocking multiple torrent download per session.
So i just deactivated it in the settings (search for ‘webtorrent’ in extensions settings).

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