Is it possible to allow more than one download per site by default?

Description of the issue:
If I attempt to download more than one file on a website, or one file more than once, any further clicking of downalod links is disabled in Brave and I have to clear cache and relaunch browser to allow me to download another file from that site. This behavior is recent but is problematic as I use sites all day at work where I am downaloding multiple files. I see there are site excetions, but that would take a long time typing in all web sites that will allow more than one download. Is there a “allow all downloads” option for adult users who can manage being a little dangerous.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download a file on a site.
  2. Attempt to download another file or same file on same site.
  3. Downloads are disables since “multiple downloads” is turned off by default.

Expected result:
Would like a setting that will allow me more than one download per site as default. As it is a site exceptions now has to be added for every site that needs more than one download.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


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