Cannot delete a site on "Sites that can always use cookies"

Somehow, a site I didn’t want got added to my “Sites that can always use cookies” by accident. When I went to the list of my sites that can always used cookies, all the sites have 3 dots to the right of their names which when clicked return a menu. This new site that was added only has a trash can to it’s right. When I click that trashcan, nothing happens. I cannot delete it. Can someone please help me delete it from this list? Thanks.


I have this problem as well on my Mac. Edit your question in the required format otherwise it could be ignored.

Ok, I found the solution. You have to put shields up for the site. I had put them down for this site because the site was not working. It turned out to be a problem with the site and not Brave in the end, but I forgot to put shields back up.

It is strange and I don’t like it for Brave to force a site onto “always allowed to store cookies” if shields are down - especially without any warnings.



                              **Sites That Can Always Use Cookies**

Everyone of us is surprised to see a list of strange sites under the header ‘Sites That Can Always Use Cookies’ @ brave://settings/cookies. This list gets even stranger and taller especially if other users are sharing the same computer. There are many posts that have reported and still report this issue. Is it a bug, is it a virus or something else? The simplest answer is ‘no it’s not’ as there are three known causes for this:


  1. You toggled Brave shield to OFF for the visited site because otherwise it won’t open correctly;
  2. You allowed Third Party Cookies @ brave://settings/cookies
  3. You enabled ‘Allow Google login buttons on third party sites’ especially for the urls: https://[*.] and

THE SOLUTIONS (gathered from other posts and my own experience):

The solution for 1) and 2):

  1. Open brave://settings/cookies, doubleclick on the the url, then right-click to go to URL (see image below).
  2. On the website that opens, toggle Brave shield (Orange Icon) to ON; Check @ brave://settings/cookies (see image below).

  1. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData, open ON EXIT TAB and enable ‘Sites and Shields Settings’

Solution for 3)

Open brave://settings/socialBlocking and disable ‘Allow Google login buttons on third party sites’ (see image below); Go back to @ brave://settings/cookies to check.


I checked several sites that have cookies that are “always accepted”. In all cases, once I was on the website, I would turn shields back on, but I still can not delete the cookies on these sites. The delete button for those cookies doesnt work regardless of the shields setting. If I took shields down, it was because the site was broken with them up. The thing I want is to be able to delete the cookies after they have been set, and that option is not available. The button is there, but it doesnt work.

Yes it is a disappointing non working feature that has been an issue since I think I started using Brave which is around 3 years ago or more.
I don’t understand why it has not been fixed or the Delete command removed from the context menu as it is just confusing to the average user…

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Removing HTTPS Everywhere worked for me.

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