Cookies issue - some cookies can not be deleted

If you are still having issues…

Cannot delete a site on "Sites that can always use cookies" - #5 by CerealLover

** Sites That Can Always Use Cookies**

Everyone of us is surprised to see a list of strange sites under the header ‘Sites That Can Always Use Cookies’ @ brave://settings/cookies. This list gets even stranger and taller especially if other users are sharing the same computer. There are many posts that have reported and still report this issue. Is is a bug, is is a virus or something else? The simplest answer is ‘no’ as there are three known causes for this:


  1. You toggled Brave shield to OFF for the visited site because otherwise it won’t open correctly;
  2. You allowed Third Party Cookies @ brave://settings/cookies
  3. You enabled ‘Allow Google login buttons on third party sites’ especially for the urls: https://[*.] and

THE SOLUTIONS (gathered from posts):

The solution for 1) and 2):

  1. Open brave://settings/cookies, doubleclick on the the url, then right-click to go to URL (see image below).
  2. On the website that opens, toggle Brave shield (Ornage Icon) to ON; Check @ brave://settings/cookies (see image below).

Solution for 3)

Open brave://settings/socialBlocking and disable ‘Allow Google login buttons on third party sites’ (see image below); Go back to @ brave://settings/cookies to check.

Cannot delete sites from “Sites that can always use cookies” #12375

Canowyrms commented Feb 19, 2022
Just ran into this issue myself. I skimmed through the conversation here, but if I’m restating an already-mentioned solution, sorry, I missed it.

As another user here mentioned, this is related to the sync chain. I had just installed the latest version of Brave for Win 10 on a fresh installation of Win 10. The entries under “Sites that can always use cookies” appeared after entering my sync code, and, you can probably tell where this is going, I couldn’t remove them.

My solution was to:

  1. Leave the sync chain.
  2. Clear ALL browsing data - absolutely everything, even under the ‘advanced’ tab.
  3. Exit Brave and wait a few seconds (ensure all processes shut down).
  4. Open Brave and check the “Sites that can always use cookies” section to confirm it was empty (it was).
  5. Start a new sync chain.
  6. Went back to the cookies section and confirmed the entries didn’t come back from the grave.
  7. Copy the sync chain code into password manager like BitWarden for when I need to update my other devices.

I have yet to use the new sync code on my other devices (only two others, so not terribly inconvenient, thankfully), however, I reckon I will follow steps 1 through 3 on my other devices before I switch to the new sync chain code. Somewhat inconvenient, but easier (for me, anyway) than mucking around with settings files, and I don’t care that I’ve lost some browsing data. :crossed_fingers: that the entries don’t come back from the grave on my other devices…