There is a site that Brave won't let me remove from list of Sites that can always use cookies

Having used the Brave browser sometimes in the past, I uninstalled it and installed the latest download.

Then I went to make some settings about cookies and found the address globintel dot com in the list of Sites that can always use cookies. I’ve spelled out the dot in the address so that people won’t click it. I saw no reason for this address to be there, as I had not put it there recently or ever. There is a trash can icon next to the address, so I clicked that icon to remove the address, but nothing at all seems to happen when I click the trash-can icon. I’ve tried uninstalling Brave a couple times and reinstalling it from a fresh download from, but that address is always there and I can’t get rid of it. I am able to add and remove other addresses from the list. When uninstalling I even chose the option to remove my browsing data, but that didn’t seem to work, as some old tabs appear when I start up the newly installed copy.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I clicked on the site and found it to be in the Indonesian language, with gaudy graphics and having the phrase “HOKIPLAY99: Daftar Situs MPO Slot Depo Pulsa Tanpa Potongan Terbaik”. The site seems to be related to skvorecky dot com.

Version 1.56.20 Chromium: 115.0.5790.171 (Official Build) (64-bit) (

That’s because you lowered the Shields in that site or changed the cookie settings individually, which you must then revert, go to that website and turn shields up or whatever you did.

Thanks for your reply I guess, but I understand virtually nothing about what you wrote.

Pretty sure I’d ever been to that site and I don’t know what a shield is, so I don’t think I lowered any shield.

When I uninstalled, I had the uninstaller delete my browsing data. I don’t see how there is any memory of anything, including previous tabs, cookie settings, passwords, anything. But I find that my passwords and old tabs remain even after supposedly deleting browsing data.

Shields are the Lion icon on the URL bar, it has the adblocker, script blocker, cookie blocker and all that, so websites can do it individually, you usually want to change settings globally unless you know something is broke with Shields on.

Anyway, what is the name of the cookie you can’t remove?

If it is a normal website, just go there, and enable Shields, click on the Lion and enable it.

Well, you can also check that in here in the settings: brave://settings/content/braveShields

If not, you can go to clear data ctrl+shift+del and go to Advanced and check and remove Site and Shield settings, that will reset everything though, but it will remove any whitelisting you have done through the Shields panel.

About you uninstalling, I have no idea, well, it should remove the data completely by uninstalling and checking the box “remove data” if you didn’t check the box, it will leave the User Data alone.

You can also achieve the same without uninstalling by removing the user data, but why? why would you want to do that?

Better just reset Site and shield settings with the ctrl+shift+del for ALL TIME


Thank you for those details.

I am not trying to remove a cookie.

I am trying to remove permission for a certain site, namely globintel dot com, to be able to set cookies.

“There is a site that Brave won’t let me remove from list of Sites that can always use cookies”

After the last time I uninstalled, I even manually removed C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware, which hadn’t been removed by the uninstaller. Clearly there are files being left somewhere that I don’t know how to get rid of.

I’m ready to clear Site and Shields Settings as you suggest. It says I have such settings for 5 sites. I would like to see what those sites are before I clear them, as I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything with shields, and I don’t know why I would have any such settings. Are you saying I have to visit a site in order to look at or change the shield setting individually? I don’t want to visit that site.

@NoLieOrJest Emi essentially hit it earlier. Shields is the adblocking option on Brave. It’s the lion icon on the bar. If enabled, it looks like below:


If it’s grayed out, it means you have it disabled. When you click on the lion, it will show similar to below if enabled:

And below if disabled:


Usually anyone who has had websites in Sites that can always use cookies that can’t be deleted, it’s because you have turned off Shields for that site at some point. Going back to that website and enabling Shields again will usually remove it from Sites that can always use cookies. If not fully disabled when you go there, you can make sure you don’t have the setting to Allow all cookies when you check the Shields widget while on that site.

The way you can confirm this is to go to and check that Shields widget/icon to see the settings and if it’s enabled.

Also want to say you can check brave://settings/content/braveShields which I believe will show you which websites you have Shields up or down for. For example, screenshot of that for me is below:

And you’ll see if I visit the page you showed in your screenshot, it shows the same thing. Each website where I had Shields down will be placed in the area where cookies are always allowed:

brave://settings/content/braveShields is actually a new setting that I don’t remember having before. So you can just do everything from that. Look at where it says Shields Down and if you see a site there, you can remove it. Then that does the same thing as what I instructed earlier of visiting and enabling Shields again. I just did that and removed them all:


Upon removing them, it defaulted to Shields being up on those sites. Also, it removed them from always allowing cookies:


Okay, I went to brave://settings/content/braveShields as you suggested and found shields down for that site. I don’t know how that happened. I’m sorry I missed that way of handling it.

I guess that should be the first suggestion for fixing a problem like this. Needing to visit the site in order to change the shield doesn’t look reasonable to me. Is it a good way of getting rooted? Also I don’t see how to navigate to
brave://settings/content/braveShields through the Settings menu.

Maybe the main thing I would say is that I would expect to be able to delete a site from the cookies-always-allowed list more-or-less without conditions related to shields. I suppose there is a reason for the way it is. But the trash-can icon lit up when when I hovered over it, I clicked it, and nothing happened. At least some alert or error message ought to pop up directing the user somehow to brave://settings/content/braveShields It might take less time to add that feature than the time we’ve spent on this thread.

Thanks again for helping me through it even though I didn’t get the idea real fast.

Unfortunately this issue has literally been around for years. From memory an issue was raised on git hub and it was going to get fixed but never has been.

Has always seemed pointless having those trash cans and as you say frustrating for those who are not aware of the issue.

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