Cannot add my site as a new channel

I just registered as a Creator. I tried to add my website as a new channel. I added the domain name.
But when I tried to access the file I’d need to add to verify ownership I received an error saying my site does use https. My site most definitely does use https.

Since my site is managed for me by my host I don’t have direct access to my DNS records. I could probably get my host to add a new DNS record if necessary.

But is there any way to get access to the file &/or show that my site uses https?

cc @asad @steeven for assistance here.

My host did add the DNS record. So I’m now verified.

But I’m not sure why your server found that my site didn’t use https and prevented me from registering by uploading the file.

We have a tutorial on site verification here:

If you need additional assistance after the tutorial, please let me know and I’d be happy to assist.

I don’t need a tutorial since, as I said, I managed to verify the site. But I would like to know why the Brave server determined that I don’ t use the https protocol, when I do.

Sometimes it’s get tricky when you try to verify by uploading secure file or using WordPress plugin. I believe it’s because the permission for that .well-known folder.

Understood. But it wouldn’t even let me access the file. So I never even got to try to upload it. It said I couldn’t access the file because I wasn’t using https protocol.

Richard Silverstein

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