Can't Verify Publisher Account

I can’t verify my publisher account. Installed the wordpress plugin and doesn’t work. I know this is a known issue and I can get around it by using DNS verify or uploading text file, the problem is my website just says ‘unverified’ when I try to add a new channel it doesn’t allow me and there is no way for me to verify via DNS or text file (no option given).

looping in @asad to take a look here. :slight_smile:

Hi @doctorofcredit,

When adding a new channel to your Payments account you’ll be redirected to the “Choose A Verification Method” page. From here, the Payments site presents instructions for verifying your website via a trusted file upload or via DNS record. Let me know if you need any help!

Asad @ Brave

Hi Asad,

I understand that. The problem is I’ve already added the channel, I chose the WP plugin verification and it failed. Now I can’t add the channel again as it’s already listed and there is no option to verify using a trusted file or DNS record.

The page just states the verification has failed and gives me no other options.

Hi @doctorofcredit,

We’re working on updating the verification flow, but for right now you should be able to verify a WordPress site via DNS by:

  1. On the dashboard, removing the failed channel by clicking “Remove”
  2. Click “Add Channel”, enter the domain, and click “Continue”
  3. On the WordPress verification page you’ll see a note:

“Not using WordPress, or unable to verify your site with the plugin? Verify via a DNS record.”

Click “Verify via a DNS record”.

  1. Follow the directions for DNS verification

Let me know how it goes.

cc @Asad

What I have to modify is here?
Because with the wordpress plugin it is impossible


Hi @cryptomoneda

Looping in @asad for publisher verification support.


Hi @cryptomoneda,

Those look like the DNS servers your hosting account is pointing to. That’s not what we need added in order to verify your site.

What you will need to do is add a new DNS TXT record, and set the value of this record to the token text supplied to you by Brave Payments. How to more specifically do this depends on whoever you have your hosting account with. If you need help with adding a record to your hosting account, then it’s probably best to reach out to your hosting company! However, generally the process is simple.

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