Cancelled free trial, Google Play says will cancel subscirption at END of billing cycle-will I be charged?

Today I started my free trial of the yearly VPN subscription. I did this through the Brave broswer. I don’t remember entering an email address.

I decided to cancel the subscription and repurchase in a few months when it will be more useful to me. I did this on Google Play as I uae an Android.

Ir does confirm there that the subscription has been cancelled, but it says it will cancel my subscription at the END of my billing cycle on the 29th of March (29th is the last day of the 7 day trial and therefore the day the money is due to be taken out of my account). This suggests that the subscription will be cancelled after the money has left my account, and not before.

Please help! Thank you so much to anyone who answers, I’m completely new to Brave, and BPns in general.

For a better peace of mind, you can also go to your bank’s website / app and delete the ‘Merchant Standing Instruction’ for the same, this will make sure that no money leaves the Credit/Debit account.
Atleast that is what I do whenever I take a free trial and do not wish to continue

Hello! If you cancelled your free trial before the 7 day trial period ends, you will not be charged. If you run into any payment/cancellation concerns you can submit your issue here and we will investigate. Thank you!

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