I want to cancel my subscription free trial VPN plz help

Tried to cancel my free trial VPN subscription and the cancellation email didn’t show up yet. I tried the tech support but the mail says that the response would take days and today is the day when the free trial ends and I do not have much time left plz help fast

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It’s Saturday, they don’t work the weekends.

Let me ask, what are you using on and how did you cancel? In other words, did you sign up for the subscription through iOS, Android, or Desktop? If it’s iOS or Android, subscriptions are handled through their app stores and you should see cancelled subscription there.

If you did it on Desktop, then your subscription would be visible at https://account.brave.com/

I just tested and was able to receive an email to login. Once I did, it shows my status such as below:


See on the top that it shows it was canceled? And if not, then where it says to Renew Plan it would have had the option to Cancel.

So yeah, can you clarify what you’re attempting to cancel on and how you’re trying to cancel? And you haven’t said that you didn’t cancel, but the complaint is only that you don’t see a cancellation email? (I’m not sure if I remember ever getting one either, meaning they may not send cancellation confirmation but instead just confirm it in your account)

Oh thanks for checking for me. I was kinda worried that It was not cancelled and my money would be taken out. And also thanks for letting me know how to check whether its cancelled or not.

P.s.-I’m sorry that i’ve wrote this minor request. I was kinda freaked out at the moment.

@andersenryu Oh, all good. I guess just wanted to walk you through things. So if you are on iOS or Android, you need to verify whether it shows you as still subscribed there. Otherwise go log in and look at the screen as I showed you on account.brave.com and see if it shows as canceled.

Are you saying it’s showing canceled and that’s why you seem a bit more relieved? Just wanting to confirm that with you here. I try very hard not to assume.

Yes, It was showing cancelled like your screen showed me, but I have a question. Even though it is cancelled, why does it say i could use VPN until like 3 weeks after from now on?

If i did cancelled it before the free trial ended, would it be like unable to access right after the free trial has ended?


I believe it’s a glitch. It’s going based off of what it’s seeing as the beginning of your subscription period. Most likely September 20 would be the 1 month mark. It’s not differentiating between the trial period and a full monthly subscription. That said, I’m going to suppose it won’t connect for you if you try to use it unless you Renew Plan.

That’s my assumption anyway. At least things look good. If you see there’s a charge, then just tag me (@saoiray) here and I’ll see if we can’t get it looked at. But I’m assuming you’ll be fine.

Okay. I’ll be looking if something is wrong or not about the payment and if it goes wrong, i’ll tag you. Thank you for now and have a nice day! (Or is it nighttime there? haha)

Just to clarify, everything here looks good — your account will be canceled on the 20th and you will not be charged.

i tried a 7 day trial of the vpn and i would like to cancel it ive been trying for a couple days now and i cant cancel it it just says complete your purchase to begin using brave vpn. any help appreciated thanks

Hello. If you purchased the subscription on iOS and Android, you can just do as @Saoiray mentioned here. If you did purchase on Desktop and are unable to cancel the subscription via https://account.brave.com/. Please navigate to Brave VPN > settings > contact technical support to create a request. The trial can be canceled for you.

Yeah I’m using macOS. This does not work because when I log into my brave account all it says is “complete your purchase to begin using brace VPN”. I never got an email with my premium account invoice number so I cannot contact technical support. Do I need to complete the purchase before I can cancel it or something? At this point I don’t mind just paying the $10 and then cancelling it I just cannot have the recurring payments because I’m not using the vpn at all. Thanks for the help

Please send an email to braveios at guardianapp dot com with the email used to create the account to look into this further without sharing personal details on this forum.