Cancel pending charges please

Your billing system keeps attempting to deduct $149 from my Apple account associated with the Appleid [email protected] . I did not make a purchase for a VPN and would like the payment attempt cancelled as the pending charge from Brave is stopping me using my Apple account for app downloads.

Please cancel the pending charge… Stop slamming my Apple account I do not want your vpn service.


  • First off, Brave wouldn’t be able to charge you unless you provided payment details and authorized payment.

  • Secondly, if it’s hitting from Apple account as you’re mentioning, then I’m assuming it’s on iOS? In which case subscriptions are authorized and handled by Apple in the Apple App Store. Have you checked subscriptions there?

  • Third, not sure if $149 makes sense. The default value would be about $119 and when I’m looking, shows they are doing one year for $99.99. I’m not quite sure what you would have done to get up to $149.

  • Lastly, you can always see if Brave can help by creating a Brave Premium Product Support Ticket at

I can’t create a premium support ticket because I do not have an invoice or premium account number because I haven’t actually purchased anything. I have already tried this.

The amount in my Apple account that is trying to be taken definitely says Brave VPN annual.

I have contacted Apple and they have told me only Brave aka the merchant can cancel the amount from their end of the purchase they can’t OR I have to pay the amount and request a refund.

I should not have to pay for something then request a refund or have create a ticket in here to have a charge cancelled. I have complained about this to Apple. Please cancel the pending charge from the merchant end (your end on the App Store) the charge keeps trying to take money out of my account each day and I cannot use my Apple account for anything until it is done.

If I authorised it was by accident as in app purchases are always conveniently in a place where it’s ever so easy just to bump a button or if a subscription splash page keeps coming up in your face while looking for a way to exit the page or from memory it said a 7 day trial then a subscription would start yet it immediately tried to deduct an annual subscription when it started the trial.


You can create a ticket even while leaving that blank. I think this is where people get to me sometimes, as you say you already tried to create the ticket but if you did the best you could and submitted, you would have seen it would have sent it. (I tested by filling it out and leaving the part asking for the invoice blank. It submitted. So I know for sure it works)

Nah. Let me show you the steps you would have had to go through.

Step 1: Hamburger Menu

Step 2: Click on VPN

Step 3: Click on Try 7 Days Free

Step 4: Double Click to subscribe

It’s really not a simple misclick or “bump of a button” to subscribe. It took you or someone with access to your device & account to very much intentionally sign up. In any case, you need to submit the support ticket as instructed if you would like help. Otherwise need to do what Apple mentioned.

You added this portion just as I finished writing everything above. So yeah, it seems you remember it now. You authorized it and I’m guessing you forgot to cancel before the trial ended. You would have needed to cancel the subscription through the App Store (your Apple account). If you didn’t do it in time, then it would be trying to take the money.

I tried creating the ticket with it blank but it comes up as a required field that I have to input something I tried this several times before posting in here.

I haven’t paid for anything it’s like a pending payment on my Apple account that I or Apple cannot remove only the merchant.

I’ll try the support ticket one more time but I’m not confident it will let me.

Thanks for your patience @Saoiray I was able to log the ticket this time so shall see how it goes I don’t why it wouldn’t let me the first time.

Your help is appreciated.

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Sorry about the other post but that was the first post I created and it got approved like a week later. Like pull your head out. Pretty crap really. Your response was pretty poor. What you think you guys are the only ones with an education? Actually im starting to wonder are you guys actually educated??

I had to post this twice to get some help. And honestly if this is how you talk and treat customers Braves not going to sell many packages I tell you right now. I’ll gladly put my $150 into a marketing campaign focused on it because you are both proving to me your “service” is not worth it.

Look you and support need to stop treating people like idiots. I TOLD YOU AND “PREMIUM” SUPPORT the same thing.

I lodged the ticket like you told me to. They gave me instructions on how to cancel a subscription. Ok just so you guys actually get it because I’m starting to wonder if Brave knows how the various billing systems work with where they sell platform. Because based on the Neanderthal pretty decorated screenshotted responses you and LOL @ Premium support obviously don’t.

Now I TOLD YOU the charge to my Apple account is a pending charge (do you know what pending means ??? It means I haven’t paid for it yet but your company keeps trying to bill me) that can only be cancelled by the merchant and this is what Apple support told me.

So again I ask that the charge for software I don’t want be cancelled.

If you want me to spruce the post up with some fancy screenshots quoting what’s been said so you understand let me know mmmk.

@Whatever24 your main issue here is in expectations and attitude. The truth is you signed up for something and made an agreement. If this went to court, you would be obligated to pay. Your responsibility is to remember what you sign up for and to remember to cancel.

That said, businesses often help when you come to them, especially if you approach with the right attitude. So far you started off by lying and now in your most recent reply are going to trying to hurl insults at the very people trying to assist you. Neither of those things make anyone want to help you. And as stated, nobody has to stop the charge. In all honesty, often it’s not possible to stop a charge once it’s already trying to hit your bank account. (Source: Banks. I’ve had issues where I forgot to cancel and tried to see what could be done. Bank said I had to let it hit and then they’d void it out. It was quick and painless, money was always available there)

Yeah, it means it’s already in motion. It’s not just that you have a warning payment is being taken or a bill is sent out. It’s them cashing a check you sent when you promised the money was there and that you wanted to buy services. Now they went to the bank and cashed the check. You’re telling the bank to not give the money but Brave is there waiting for it. You’re now saying, “hey, I know I promised I’d pay you and wanted this, but now that you’re here for the money, I changed my mind. Yes, the deadline was days ago, but I wanted to decide to use your product a little longer and don’t want to pay you for it.”

The time to ask someone not to cash the check is BEFORE they take it to your bank, which means making sure to do it before the cancellation date. Once it’s done and at the bank, it’s not easy to stop.

In any case, I tagged appropriate people at Brave to try to reach out to you. If they can help, they might.